A Call to Glastonbury Bards

On Monday 3rd May Home Stage will air a virtual tree walk of Glastonbury, hosted by myself. Home Stage is an organisation that has been creating interesting nature and creativity based content during the past year. I approached them to do a special edition tree walk for their audience.

The walk will highlight the landscape, its trees and the people that walk among them, particularly Glastonbury’s bards.

I am calling to Glastonbury Bards to submit poems, a few of which will be read during the walk. The poems should be inspired by the Glastonbury landscape and its trees and preferably by people currently living in the town and surrounds.

Shorter poems, not epics, are preferred, these can be existing or newly penned, the only rule is that they are inspired by the Glastonbury/Avalon landscape.

Submitted poems, if we receive enough, will also be compiled into a short e-book, to be released via To The Trees group.

Note: This is a voluntary project, done for the fun of it, no payment can be offered.

I look forward to receiving your poems.

Deadline: Sun 18th April

Send submissions to: Matt@tothetrees.co.uk


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