To The Trees

A project run by Matt Witt offering tree walks, tree identification workshops, Abbey walk and talks and guided tours of Glastonbury.

Walks come in various forms explained below: 

Public Tree Walks

These take place in Glastonbury twice a month, see homepage for upcoming dates, these are held by donation and involve a short walk around the lanes. It’s a gentle walk with regular stops to enjoy the scenery while Matt talks about the trees and shares poetry and songs inspired by the landscapes we walk through.

Abbey Tree Tours

Matt created the Glastonbury Abbey tree guide and offers guided tours of the Abbey trees once a month during the Summer and Autumn. This walk introduces key trees in the Abbey collection and is a short walk over level ground with regular stops. It’s perfect for Abbey members and visitors who would like to learn more about the abbey trees and gain a different perspective on the grounds.

Private Tree Walks and Tours

Bookable walks for individuals, couples and groups of any size. This walk can be booked at a date and time to suit you. We’ll venture out on your own personalised tour of the Glastonbury landscape, visiting the trees, taking in some beautiful scenery and orienting ourselves to the key landmarks and attractions. Perfect for first time visitors orientating themselves in Glastonbury, or for Glastonbury veterans seeking a new activity. ***** 5 Star reviews and “Highly Receommended” on Trip Advisor – Note: You’ll get a better deal if you book directly with Matt.

Tree Identification Workshops

Workshops dedicated to learning how to identify trees. These can be booked privately or as a group. Suitable for parents and children and home schoolers. Contact Matt for further info.




Matt Singing to Grandmother Lime

About Matt

Matt Witt is a Glastonbury artist and musician who spends a lot of time walking around the Avalon countryside and making art and music in response to his journeys and observations.

Originally from Salisbury, Matt has lived in Avalon for 12 years, arriving via London. His background is in the arts, his life focus is towards creativity and nature, he aims to share his passion for these things via the tree walks.

Matt is a sworn in Bard of Ynys Witrin (Glastonbury). To Matt, a Bard is one who is dedicated to creative expression and sharing knowledge and inspiration with their community through words, poetry and music.

Matt finds joy in the endless inspiration offered by nature and the transmutation of this into music, art, words. To share this with others is his dream come true.

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What a wonderful experience. Matt is a very gracious host, he is very knowledgeable and we learnt lots of new things. He accompanied us up The Tor too. The poetry and folk singing were wonderful. This is a must if you love nature and want to learn about the trees and the area of Glastonbury, we definitely recommend Guided by the trees.


Me and my friend really enjoyed this tour! Our knowledgeable guide took us for a long walk among amazing trees and shared with us his gift of music, singing and poetry. We highly recommend this tour who wants to have a genuine experience of Glanstobury magic with a local gentle being!


This part of our trip was a highlight of our two-week trip. My mom and I were looking forward to traveling to Glastonbury, and she picked this out as a surprise outing. Matt is a wealth of knowledge, humor, and wisdom. His music was an amazing touch to the tour, and we could have hung out all day with Matt! We would absolutely recommend this tree walk. It was an amazing way to connect with the land and folklore of Glastonbury ~ I say this as someone who rarely goes on “tours”, but I am so glad I said yes to this!
Matthew heartwarmingly guided us into the world of Gog & Magog and their fellow trees with inspiring stories and touching stings and poetry. An unforgettable experience in the beautiful nature of Glastonbury.