To The Trees

Nature, creativity and community is the trinity at the core of To The Trees. A project that offers nature based activities in Glastonbury, including tree walks, tree indfitcation workshops, live virtual walks, and Abbey walk and talks and guided ours of Glastonbury.

Walks attract locals and tourists and provide a useful point of contact for new comers to the town, allowing locals and incoming people to mix. A group of regular walkers are often joined from visitors from elsewhere it he country, others like to book a private tree walk, and get the full Avalon Experience.

To The Trees is a bout sharing our connection to nature, it’s about leaning, being inspired and holding nature in reverence. Join Matt and friends for a tree walk today. Book now.



About Matt

Matt Witt is a Glastonbury artist and musician who spends a lot of time walking around the Avalon countryside and making art and music in response to his journeys and observations.

Originally from Salisbury he has lived in Avalon for 7 years, via London. His background is in the arts, his life focus is towards art and nature, he aims to share his passion for these things via the tree walks.

Matt is a sworn in Bard of Ynys Witrin (Glastonbury). To Matt, a Bard is one who is dedicated to creative expression, to building community and sharing knowledge, inspiration through expression with the community through art.

Matt finds joy in the endless inspiration offered by nature and the transmutation of this into music, art, words. To share this with others is his dream come true.

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