Solstice Tree Walk – Winter Tree Identification

Join us for a Winter Solstice walk around Glastonbury to meet the trees and learn to identify some of our common native species. By donation.

This walk will also host the launch of Matt’s new E.P. “To The Trees”. All are welcome to bring instruments and/or perform poetry.

Our route will take us out into the Avalon landscape via hollows, combes and groves. We will meet prominent trees along the way, Matt will talk about their defining features, their mythology and what the trees mean to him personally. Later he will give a private performance of folk songs in the woods. It’s a slow walk with regular stops.

We’ll be embarking on a Winter Solstice tree walk to say hello to the trees in mid winter and learn to identify them when they are bare of leaves.

Why do we do it?

– To learn some of the basic tree species and how to identify them
– To be inspired by nature
– To connect with and give thanks to the trees – the oldest living beings on this island
– To visit some hidden gems, trees, spaces of the isle of Avalon
– To get to know the local land
– To share some of our creativity and offer it to the wilderness
– To walk and sit in nature for the simple joy of it
– To share and have conversations and spark new collaborations

We meet at St John’s Church at 11am and walk int the countyside, on an unspecified route.

Feel free to bring a packed lunch as we’ll be out for around 2-3 hours. This is an informal walk to meet trees, to sit in some lovely natural spaces, to sing (or listen) to songs, listen to nature and be quiet too.

The walk concludes back in the town at approximately 2pm.

This walk is different from other walks you might find around Avalon as it focuses on relating to nature from a creative perspective. Matt is a honorary bard of ynys Witrin (Glastonbury) and as a fulfillment of this Bardic duty these walks focus on creativity, community, conversation and learning. We aim to bring members of the community together and to raise awareness of the beautiful ancient beings living on this land with us. The tree walks have so far instigated many friendships and creative collaborations.

Kind Words:

“That was so lovely today, you’re a really lovely tour guide. It felt so easy going and natural. With lots of nice stories and facts about the trees. Thank you.” Kat

“Thanks Matt was a really good walk and such a lovely group just what I needed” – Kate

“Wonderful walk with Matt Witt, trees, songs, natures beauty, what more could you want?” – Michael

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Upcoming Events

Walks will resume again, once it’s sensible to do so. 

Upcoming Events

Walks will resume again, once it’s sensible to do so.