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As it’s been such a busy month, I have had little time to write, so this month’s newsletter will consist of a handful of smaller treats for your enjoyment.



Bardic Trials – Silver Pen Award

I entered the Silver Pen Award at this years Bardic trial in Glastonbury with a written poem submitted o the theme of: “The Awen Whispers, The Awen Speaks, The Awen Roars.” You can find the written poem below along with a recording I made “in the field”.

Congrats to the new Chaired Bard of Glastonbury, winner of the overall contest, Cat Lupton, and to the winner of the Tim Sebastian Memorial trophy, Vicki Steward of Normal for Glastonbury.




The Awen

The Awen Whispers
The Awen Speaks
The Awen Roars

The Awen Trickles
The Awen Flows
The Awen Pours

The Awen Leaps
The Awen Flies
The Awen Soars

The Awen Whistles
The Awen Sings
The Awen Calls

And when the Awen sleeps
The Awen Whimpers
The Awen Snores

The Awen Grunts
The Awen Snuffles
The Awen – Paws

And When The Awen Floats
In Awen Boats
Upon The Awen Shores
The Awen Shows
The Awen Way
The Awen Awes

The Awen Knows
The Awen Turns
The Awen Grows
The Awen Burns
The Awen Hides
The Awen Seeks
The Awen ….. Peaks

The Awen Returns

The Awen Talks
To Awen Hearts
The Awen Doors

The Awen Whispers
The Awen Speaks
The Awen Roars

Matt Witt

Video performance can be seen here:




Courage Knows The Way

My first music video, recorded in a secret Somerset Woodland by William Parsons aka Will Walking, who is a pleasure to work with, and is looking for more musicians to create further well produced music videos.



Awen Cafe Gig

It was a pleasure to play at The Awen Cafe with this lot. The performance was well received – below are some pics and a rough recording of the song Release the Dragon. Thanks to the Awen cafe for such a beautiful space that allows for such intimate performances. Special thanks to Marianne, Tom, and Rob.




Tree Tour for the Chamber of Commerce

I was honoured to be invited to lead a tree walk in the Abbey grounds for the Glastonbury And Street chamber of commerce. We had a short walk, to give a taster of my Abbey tree tour offering. I hope to hold more “Netwalks” and “corporate” tree walks in the future as it’s a great way to connect with people in an informal, easygoing environment.




Summer Tree Tour – Somerset


All the upcoming dates for this Summer’s tree walks – including walks in Collett Park, Shepton, Wedmore, and Wells, along with the usual dates in Glastonbury and Glastonbury Abbey. I hope to see you at one or more of them. Private walks can be booked at any time, by contacting


May / June 2024

May is the month of Beltane, and in Glastonbury we know how to celebrate this festival of fertility. Here are some photos from Beltane along with some other special moments from the past month.


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