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APRIL 2020

Nature’s Treasures #1

Nature’s Treasures – This week, part of an old field maple came down at the end of Bulwarks Lane.

Its main trunk was slightly rotten at the base and I gather the weight of Springs new growth was too much to bear. It laid in the road for a morning which allowed me to take a close look at the lichen growing like coral in its upper branches.

Each morning I visited Bushy Coombe to hang out with the oak and the lambs. It’s an idyllic spot, nestled in the rolling embankments that look like giants hunched and blanketed under thick velvet green. The sheep munch grass in the sun all morning, then sleep in the shade in the afternoon.

Down there, sat next to the brook, I am cocooned by woodland, I observe a host of birds, rabbits, deer, nature seems to carry on oblivious to my presence. The oak itself is having a productive Spring, every branch is covered in male catkins, topped with a sprig of leaves and sprinkled like hundreds and thousands with delicate neon pink female flowers, that will eventually turn to acorns.

While moving from field to field, I often switch my attention from the tree tops to the ground, paying attention to hedgerows and becoming immersed in the patch of land moving beneath my feet. In doing so, this week, I have been presented with some particularly interesting treasures. The bright blue egg is of a blackbird, I hope it was hatched rather than removed by a cuckoo.

Lastly, a hazel sapling that has not lost its nut, but instead seems to be wearing it like a protective helmet!

I’m gratefully receiving donations of virtual hugs, as week 4 has taken its toll somewhat. I hope these images keep your spirits up as they do for me.

With love. x

P.S. I visited the copper beech just as it was releasing its first leaves.

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