Avalon Tree Walk – Tour of the Countryside

Avalon Tree Walk – Tour of the Glastonbury countryside

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  • Your tour guide, local tree guide and musician
  • A tour of the Glastonbury countryside over 3-4 hours (half day)
  • Lessons in tree identification
  • A short folk music performance from Matt

Available as half day or full day. Contact Matt for full day prices.


A tour of Glastonbury, guided by the trees. Our journey will lead us through lanes, hollows and groves, through orchards, across fields into woodland and alongside streams. We will take a walk around the Glastonbury countryside, meeting prominent trees along the way. We will learn how to identify them and about their associations in folklore and myth. Matt will give a private acoustic performance in the woods. The walk lasts between 2-3 hours over 2km at a slow pace with lots of stops.

This is a unique way to explore Avalon, a guided tour of Glastonbury from a different perspective. We explore the countryside, enjoying hidden gems that only a local would know how to find. Matt has a keen knowledge of the trees and shares this throughout the tour. He is also a musician and will provide a private gig in the woods. We learn how to identify the trees, we explore tree folklore and learn about local myths and legends along the way. We avoid the busy tourist spots and get right out onto the land, viewing Glastonbury Tor from a number of angles and watching how it changes form. We also sit by a stream to rest and enjoy a private acoustic performance of folk music by Matt before heading back into town.

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