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Tree walks in July and August.

The picture above features Saturday’s tree walkers gathered around the grand ash. I feel like this tree has wanted to be in a group photo for some time and is posing! I promised I would bring a group to see him, and here we are. I write further about this ash tree in this month’s Trees of Glastonbury article, also featured in this email.

The visitors are returning to Glastonbury and walks over the past month have been mostly populated by walkers from outside of the town. We’ve had a few of our regular local walkers returning too and our evening walks are becoming a somewhat local affair.

I have been recording highlights from the recent walks and compiling them in this month’s Podcast, you can listen via the player below. Podcast Episode #5.

I am happy to be walking with people again, and on such a regular basis. Each group is so different and the walks are becoming more co-creative and collaborative. It’s great to see a number of children joining us too, they bring extra energy to the walks and tend to ask pretty interesting questions.

It’s amazing to see how they soak up information about the trees when it’s presented to them in an imaginative way. It’s a nice challenge and a skill that I am learning to develop.

Play it Forward Media

In more exciting news, the guys from Play It Forward Media, a video production company in Glastonbury, put together this video about the To The Trees project. They joined us for a walk in early July to film what we get up to and we had a short interview too. I’m really happy with the result. View it in the player below.

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Trees of Glastonbury, The Grail Ash

This month I wrote about the Grail Ash, a mighty ash tree that sits in the hedgerow over the crest of Wick Hollow. Read this article.

To The Trees Podcast #5

Including highlights from the July tree walks, a special moment from the Wednesday evening tree walk, and a song from the first tree walk of August. Listen to the podcast on the player below, or click here.


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