Guided walking tours of Glastonbury’s Trees

Book your private walk guided by the trees of Avalon. Matt, is available for bookings for individuals and small groups.

Our journey will lead us through lanes, hollows and groves, into woodland, across fields and along streams. We will visit some of the little hidden gems of this paradise. We walk around 2km, over 3 hours, at a gentle pace with regular stops. We meet prominent trees along the way, learning how to identify them, exploring their folklore and our own personal intimate relationships with the trees.

Exploring Avalon

This walk gives you the opportinity to take a guided circular walk around the countryside outside of Glastonbury, getting some great views of the Tor. This is a Tour for people looking for an alternative way to explore Avalon, it’s an immersive experience for those wanting to connect directly with the land and the trees and to listen to a unique experiences of a local artist and musician. And it’s for those wanting to gain some knowledge of tree identification and folklore.

The Bardic Tradition

This is a walk with a bardic twist. Matt is a sworn bard of Yns Witrin (Glastonbury) that means he has comitted his life to study and creative expression. Bards are poets, artists and those who inspire their communities through creative means. Glastonbury is one of the places where the bardic tradition is followed, artists here are valued and allowed to express their true selves. Matt writes poetic folk songs on acoustic guitar inspired by nature and mayb well sing to you at intervals throught the walk.

We will spend time connecting to the trees, sit in some lovely natural spaces, sing (or listen) to songs, listen to nature and be quiet too.

Why choose a tree walk?

  • An alternative way to explore Avalon – Guided by the trees
  • Great views of the Tor and local landscape
  • Explore the little hidden places only a local knows
  • Connect with the trees – the oldest living beings on this island
  • Get out on the land and be inspired by nature
  • Meet a local bard and listen to some folk songs
  • Visit some hidden gems, trees, spaces of the isle of Avalon
  • Learn some of the basic tree species and how to identify them
  • Walk and sit in nature for the simple joy of it

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