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Multidisciplinary Artist, Musician and Nature-based Learning Facilitator.

To the Trees provides the arbor around which my multidisciplinary art practice develops. The Glastonbury landscape inspires music and word, illustration, photography and a host of avenues for learning and personal growth. I am never more creatively engaged than when out in nature.

The Tree Walks

The tree walks provide a growing audience for my creative practices. I have a keen knowledge of the trees and the local landscape, I integrate this with musical performances and creative activities to create engaging learning experiences.

Song Writing

Music and word form an integral part of my creative expression. Inspired by my adventures in the outdoors and performed to audiences on group walks, the songs are meditative, poetic and intended to encourage the listener’s connection to nature.


My most recent illustration project involves character design as a learning aid. These characters each represent a tree and their features aid in the teaching of tree identification. This project has a lot of potential for development as part of this opportunity.

Further examples of my illustrative work, including some created at a 2019 residency Glastonbury’s St. Margaret’s Chapel and Magdalene Almshouses.

Photography & Nature-based Art

Photography forms an important part of my practices. I publish the images to an engaged and growing audience on Facebook. Links: Fb profile. Fb Group.

Nature is brimming with inspiration, all it asks is for our careful attention.

Thanks for your time.

Matt Witt