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Woodland Fire Folk – August

To The Trees Edition #21

Matt Singing to Grandmother Lime

The Woodland Fire Folk Sing-around is currently gathering fortnightly in the woods at Paddington Farm. The group has evolved a few times over the last few years from the Fabulous Furry Folk night held in the Assembly Rooms, to a restricted number event organised by Mike which then morphed into a small private gathering around the fire at Paddington farm. We have now decided to open this up to the general public and promote it as a Woodland Fire Folk Sing-around, held twice monthly up until the Autumn Equinox.

Two events have been held so far, both attracting a good numbers. We are joined by a mix of locals and visitors to Glastonbury, tree walkers and the core group of original Furry Folk attendees, creating an eclectic mix of performers offering traditional folk songs, renditions of newer songs A Capella, original songs performed acoustically, as well as poetry, chants and general conversation.

15th July – Folk Sing Around, Paddington Farm

It feels like an important thing to be creating at this time, tending this little fire gathering in the woods, persisting with the things we know provide value, insight, and open exchange. It was described by one guest as a little pocket of sanity nestled out of the way of the madness. In my experience, this is such a grounding and joyous activity; simply sitting around the fire and singing to each other fosters a certain calm, close friendships, and a safe space for honest conversation.

The focus is on listening, and being attentive to the performers, but guests are also encouraged to take part, and to sing together too. Though singing is not compulsory, we encourage in an unpressured way and hope that people gain the courage to begin expressing themselves around the fire, it is what the fire is for: we speak our wishes and wonder into it, and in turn, it speaks it’s wonders back out into the world, it is the font of inspiration.

It is important that we tend our little fire in the woods, and waiting for people to gather round, the importance of this simple communal act cannot be understated.

The next fire is on the 26th August, with full dates listed below, I hope to see you at one or another of these events.

Upcoming Woodland Fire Folk dates:

  • Thursday: 26th August
  • Thursday 9th Sept
  • Thursday 23rd Sept

At Paddington Farm Woodland – View a map

A Visual Diary – August 2021


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