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A Path of the Heart

This image shows the kissing gate leading to the path across Bushy Coombe, watched over by the hearty hawthorn. Rain droplets beading on ripe fruit is a pleasure to behold, something hanging so delicately from something hanging so delicately. Many hawthorn’s seem to be heavily laden, which may be an indication of a harsh winter to come.

The elder that surrounds my little house is packed full of berries, I plan to concoct a syrup to enjoy during the winter months and help fend off the cold. I will also pick some sloes for a winter warmer and some haws to make a little tincture and some hawthorn ketchup. I feel a strong desire to gather the fruits of the summer, to transform them into something that will enable me to carry the fire of these months into the darker days of Autumn and Winter.

The Equinox is approaching and those first few hints of the changing season have started to drift into the days and in turn touch something deep within. Autumn tickling our undersides. There is a slight grieving for a Summer that in the end felt somewhat unfulfilled, weather wise and socially.

That said, there is a lot more to be said for adjusting the mindset towards optimism. In August we met for some very nicely co-created tree walks, which I am forever surprised by and endlessly grateful to be able to enjoy. These will continue throughout the Autumn.

I also played host to a number of private tours for families from Scotland, Ireland and some places closer to home. Wednesday workshops are ongoing continued and we will begin the online tree id workshops in September.

Overall it’s been a fulfilling month of tree walks well walked. Evening Tor walks have been proceeding steadily, with consistent numbers in attendance. The communal imprinting of this circle each week has been very fulfilling during this period and it appears that the tree walks are one of the only places one can enjoy live music these days. The regularity of this event has opened up some interesting new creative collaborations, particularly with Helen, a regular attendee who likes to bring along her flute.

Evening walks will continue until the 2nd September’s Full Moon, as the evenings draw in. Remaining tree walk dates for August and full dates for September can be found below.

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